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About Us

Davebrook Limited is a specialist PR firm with expertise in advanced Public Relations and Political Lobby Consultancy.

At Davebrook, we are interested in developing communication platforms that guarantee speed, accuracy and security. We want to help our clients discover the right connection between communication and measurable business growth. This is because overtime businesses are struggling to maintain a balance between profit goals and ethical communications without compromising integrity.

Davebrook provides consolidated platforms to efficiently attain a balance between profit goals and ethical communications. Our workstation is built into the business fabric of our clients to continually develop communication approaches that ensures brand visibility across all business segmentation.

Our teams are easily embedded into existing business communications platforms while also developing strategic engagement opportunities for top global brand ranking.

Our team is composed of senior-level public relations consultants with editorial and creative skills that have been built over years of delivering PR services to top businesses and brands, from established companies to early-stage enterprises. Over the years we have helped our clients make the audiences who matter most, like customers, partners, shareholders, investors, employees and intergovernmental relations.

One of the most prized assets that we create for clients is content strategy. Our content development ranges from simple press releases to blog posts and videos designed for social sharing. High-quality content can create visibility, build reputation, and even change opinions or behaviours.


Brook Digital PR wants to cut through the noise and deliver your key messages to your target audience, enhance your marketing communication efforts through knowledge based strategy. This will be facilitated through a researched understanding of your brand and the expectation of target market.

Reputation Management

This is to position your brand in the best possible visibility while ensuring that brand comments or mentions are quickly either deactivated or activated for search engine optimisation.

PR Enhancement Solutions

Communication strategy is not static. Brook brings dynamism into the art of communication, it is researched based and result focused. Therefore, update your traditional resource and time wasting communication processes.

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