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Brook Awards

This is a platform to encourage global brand positioning for Nigeria Stock Exchange’s quoted and unquoted companies through selective credible award entries management. Our team of professionals through rigorous evaluation criteria have identified credible global awards that have intrinsic brand value. This is one critical way to continue to build your brand equity and attain global awareness. Our aim is to position your brand among other global giants.


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Website Ranking

This is an annual review of websites of top 30 quoted companies in Nigeria and other Exchanges. This is with the view to improve performance and to make Nigerian quoted companies websites more globally competitive. Our team will in conjunction with other international website rating agencies publish an annual website ranking report. It is a free service that is positioned to change the global ranking of Nigerian quoted companies.



Brook Digital PR wants to cut through the noise and deliver your key messages to your target audience, enhance your marketing communication efforts through knowledge based strategy. This will be facilitated through a researched understanding of your brand and the expectation of target market.

Reputation Management

This is to position your brand in the best possible visibility while ensuring that brand comments or mentions are quickly either deactivated or activated for search engine optimisation.

PR Enhancement Solutions

Communication strategy is not static. Brook brings dynamism into the art of communication, it is researched based and result focused. Therefore, update your traditional resource and time wasting communication processes.

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