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We Are A Full Agency Partner for PR Consulting Services, Creation and Execution of Successful PR Solutions


Brook PR Syndication
Now you can post your Press Release to the online newsroom of one of Nigeria’s leading newswire services, where it is permanently accessible to more than 10,000 special interest registered journalists.
This facility also offers SEO keyword add-in links to your press release. This is to advance search engine visibility, generate highly relevant product/service links to your website, and develop brand cognizance and reputation management.SEO PRESS RELEASE SYNDICATION




Brook Online News Letter
Now you don’t have to search for your news reports all day. We will deliver this to your inbox every working day on or before 10 am every morning. This service provides a Digital Daily Newsletter (News Summary) branded for your organisation and stakeholders. You have the option to determine the content of your company’s Digital newsletter.



Brook Reputation Management
This is to position your brand in the best possible visibility while ensuring that brand comments or mentions are quickly either deactivated or activated for search engine optimisation.



Brook Digital PR
Brook Digital PR wants to cut through the noise and deliver your key messages to your target audience, enhance your marketing communication efforts through knowledge based strategy. This will be facilitated through a research based understanding of your brand and the expectation of target market.



Brook Media Coverage
Effective publicity determines the attainment of marketing goals and expectations. We have a dedicated platform for Events Media Coverage which guarantees appropriate positioning to reflect brand expectation.



Brook PR Enhancement Solutions
Communication strategy is not static. Brook brings dynamism into the art of communication, it is researched based and result focused. Therefore, update your traditional resource and time wasting communication processes.



Brook PR Logistics
Delight your customers/clients at their special moments. Brook PR logistics is a service designed to provide logistics optimisation to deliver at the door step of your preferred key customers and clients.



Brook News
Brook News is a one-stop source of news, information and analysis from the professionals with National and global focus. It is dedicated to all news within the ICT, Telecoms, Banking/Finance, oil and gas: people, technologies, transactions, trends, and macro-economic analysis that impacts associated industries.