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PR Syndication

Now you can post your Press Release to the online newsroom of Nigeria’s leading newswire services, where it is permanently accessible to more than 10,000 special interest registered journalists.

This facility also offers SEO keyword add-in links to your press release. This is to advance search engine visibility, generate highly relevant product/service links to your website, and develop brand cognizance and reputation management.
Beyond press release distribution, Brook PR Syndication also provides quality-control measures, submission verification, and additional services:

  • Only approved Press Release goes life.
  • Press Release is permanently hosted on the Brook PR Syndication newsroom platform, which will help deliver SEO benefits such as extended presence on search engine listings.
  • Brook ReleaseReport with a summary of news outlets that have published your story, along with the corresponding links will be provided at the end of publicity engagement
  • Why not outsource your PR Strategy to benefit from our years of public relations and SEO expertise.



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