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Brook Awards

This is a platform to encourage global brand positioning for Nigeria Stock Exchange’s quoted and unquoted companies through selective credible award entries management. Our team of professionals through rigorous evaluation criteria have identified credible global awards that have intrinsic brand value. This is one critical way to continue to build your brand equity and attain global awareness. Our aim is to position your brand among other global giants.


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Website Ranking

This is an annual review of websites of top 30 quoted companies in Nigeria and other Exchanges. This is with the view to improve performance and to make Nigerian quoted companies websites more globally competitive. Our team will in conjunction with other international website rating agencies publish an annual website ranking report. It is a free service that is positioned to change the global ranking of Nigerian quoted companies.




Brook Digital PR wants to cut through the noise and deliver your key messages to your target audience, enhance your marketing communication efforts through knowledge based strategy. This will be facilitated through a researched understanding of your brand and the expectation of target market. Brook will achieve this using a combination of the under listed approaches:

  • Web Project Management
  • Mobile Email Design and Coding
  • SEO Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • CRM Strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Mobile Digital PR
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Google AdWords Optimisation



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Delight your customers/clients at their special moments. Brook PR logistics is a service designed to provide logistics optimisation to deliver at the door step of your preferred key customers and clients. You wonder why your clients are migrating elsewhere. You need our services to stem the tide and reverse the migration. This is a discreet service targeted at High Net Worth Stakeholders. The service manages your PR logistics from acquisition to delivery to recipients, it helps your organisation avoid waste and resources underutilisation.

This offers:

  • Corporate Business Gifts
  • Individual/Corporate Wedding Gifts
  • Corporate Chieftaincy Title Gifts
  • Corporate Religious Gifts
  • Corporate Thank You Gifts



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Communication strategy is not static. Brook brings dynamism into the art of communication, it is researched based and result focused. Therefore, update your traditional resource and time wasting communication processes. Brook communication enhancement solutions have been developed to adapt to your requirements for:

  • Internal Communications Solutions
  • Investors Communication Solutions
  • Shareholders Communication Solutions
  • Marketing Communications Solutions



Strategic Stakeholders Communication

  • Investor Relations Website Solutions
  • Business Integration Communication Solutions
  • Stakeholder & Corporate Communication Solutions



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Effective publicity determines the attainment of marketing goals and expectations. We have a dedicated platform for Events Media Coverage which guarantees appropriate positioning to reflect brand expectation.

Our services covers:

  • Coordination of World Press Conference
  • Coordination of Online Press Conference
  • Coordination of Product and Service Introductory media interaction
  • Coordination of Strategic AGM and EGM Media Coverage
  • Coordination of Media Interactive Sessions
  • Coordination of Media Facility tours
  • Coordination of Media Stakeholders Engagement



Brook Promotions

Brook promotion service provides research based client /target based positioning.  Non-clutter advertising with 24 hours delivery timeline. Brook approach is to position your story with compelling strategy in any medium in Nigeria and abroad through any of the under listed platforms:

  • Online Advertising
  • Print and Electronic Advertising
  • Foreign Advert Placement



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This is to position your brand in the best possible visibility while ensuring that brand comments or mentions are quickly either deactivated or activated for search engine optimisation. This will be achieved using a combination of:


Media Relations Management
This is a coordinated approach to media engagement for optimum brand positioning using efficient tactics that has been developed through regular interactions with media personnel, blogger/Vlogger groups and Thought Leadership Bureau platforms.


Social Media Strategy Management
Consolidate on the integrity of your social media strategy beyond SEO optimisation. Develop responsive social media strategy to accommodate continuously evolving social media platforms. Our approach has been adapted through unique customisation and implementation on life environments.


Brand Reputation Management
Today, BRM is about actively handling the allusions, discussions, and criticism on your business. Characteristically, occurs online, but being watchful of what happens in the offline environment is equally significant. This will be achieved through a combination of:

  • Search engine dominance
  • Brand monitoring
  • Social media PR
  • Reviews and recommendations
  • Customer service and culture
  • Negative-PR management
  • Brand advocacy



Crisis Management [Traditional & Digital]
We have a proven traditional media crisis management, while we have developed a holistic approach to online media crisis management in partnership with global partners. Using a combination credible and empathetic holding responses. Track what people are saying about you and your brand and how to respond immediately and effectively, to an online or offline crisis using social and traditional media. Our Crisis Planning, Crisis Management Tips & Resources, Media Monitoring, Media Training and Social Media Monitoring platform are adaptable for your use.



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Now you can post your Press Release to the online newsroom of Nigeria’s leading newswire services, where it is permanently accessible to more than 10,000 special interest registered journalists.

This facility also offers SEO keyword add-in links to your press release. This is to advance search engine visibility, generate highly relevant product/service links to your website, and develop brand cognizance and reputation management.
Beyond press release distribution, Brook PR Syndication also provides quality-control measures, submission verification, and additional services:

  • Only approved Press Release goes life.
  • Press Release is permanently hosted on the Brook PR Syndication newsroom platform, which will help deliver SEO benefits such as extended presence on search engine listings.
  • Brook ReleaseReport with a summary of news outlets that have published your story, along with the corresponding links will be provided at the end of publicity engagement
  • Why not outsource your PR Strategy to benefit from our years of public relations and SEO expertise.



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